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Salicylic acid
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Salicylic acid

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represents colourless crystals or light crystal powder, well soluble in ethanol, diethyl ether and other polar organic solvents, are badly soluble in water (1,8 g/l at 20 °C) and carbon sulfur. One of the most widespread hydroxybenzoic acids is dibasic acid.
Density - 1,44 g/cm ³, temperature of melting is 159 °C, temperature of boiling is 211 °C.

In the nature meets in plants in the form of derivatives - mainly in the form of a glycoside of methyl ether (in particular, salicylic acid was for the first time emitted from willow bark (Salix L.), from where there is a name), free salicylic acid along with salicylic aldehyde in small amounts contains in essential oil, some types of a spiraea allocated from flowers.
The basic industrial the way of synthesis of salicylic acid and its derivatives is a carboxylation of dry sodium phenylate (Kolbe-Schmitt's reaction) action of CO2 with a pressure of 0,6 MPas and temperature of 185 °C during 8-10 h.

Chemical formula: C7H6O3

Salicylic acid and salicylates, and also its esters (methyl salicylate) and other synthetic derivatives of salicylic acid (for example, acetylsalicylic acid - aspirin), possess the expressed antiinflammatory action.
Salicylic acid possesses weak antiseptic, irritating and keratolytic (in big concentration) properties and is applied in medicine outwardly in ointments and solutions at treatment of skin diseases; is a part of paste of Lassar, Galmaninum powder, the drugs "corn liquid" and "corn plaster".
Derivatives of salicylic acid are also applied in medicine (sodium salicylate), its amide (Salicylamidum) and acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) use as febrifugal, antirheumatic, antiinflammatory and anesthetics; salol - as an antiseptic agent, p-aminosalicylic acid (structurally close to the para-aminobenzoic acid necessary for tubercular mycobacteria, and therefore metabolic competing with it) - as a specific antituberculous remedy.

As the antiseptic agent salicylic acid in the food industry is used at conservation of foodstuff.

Thanks to the keratolytic (peeling), antiinflammatory and antibacterial action it is widely applied in the cosmetic industry to creation of different cosmetics for a softening and rejection of a devitalized periblast of skin.

In analytical chemistry salicylic acid is applied as reagent to photometric definition of Fe and Xi, extraction separation of Th from other elements; acid-base luminescent indicator; the metallochrome indicator for titrimetric definition of Fe (III) and Ti(IV).

Depending on a scope technical salicylic acid is produced two brands: And yes B. The brand A is applied to production of medicines, brand B - to other purposes.

Physical and chemical indicators of the state standard specification 624-70 tartaric acid
Name of an indicator Norm for brand
And B
Outward Crystal powder from light pink till light-beige color Crystal powder from light pink till beige color
Mass fraction of salicylic acid, %, not less 99,5 99,5
Temperature of the beginning of melting of the dried-up product, °C, not below 157,3 157,3
Mass fraction of water, %, no more 0,2 0,2
Mass fraction of phenol, %, no more 0,05 0,05
Mass fraction of ashes, %, no more 0,3 0,3
The optical density of solution of salicylic acid in sulphuric acid at wavelength no more:
440 nanometers
400 nanometers

it is not normalized

it is not normalized

Safety requirements
Technical salicylic acid - combustible substance. Temperature of self-ignition is 545 °C. Pylevozdushny mix is explosive. The lower concentration limit of ignition - 50 g/m ³.
At fire it is necessary to extinguish sprayed water, chemical and air and mechanical foam.
Technical salicylic acid - substance moderately dangerous (the 3rd class of danger in accordance with GOST 13.1.007). Affects nervous and respiratory systems, a liver and blood. Cumulative properties are expressed moderately. Possesses a strong irritant action on skin, mucous membranes of eyes and upper respiratory tracts. Manifestation of allergenic action is possible.
Rooms where carry out works with a product, have to be equipped with all-exchange exhaust ventilation, places of possible dusting - local ventilating suctions.
During the work with salicylic acid it is necessary to apply individual means of protection.
At hit of a product on skin and mucous it should be deleted with water.

Packaging, transportation and storage
Technical salicylic acid the FB 5-1 plywood reels with a polyethylene bag insert pack into the BKN III-36 cardboard navivny reels with a polyethylene bag insert, four - five-layer bags of the PM brand with a polyethylene bag insert or four - five-layer bags of the NANOMETER brand.
Transportation in the packaged look.
Technical salicylic acid is transported all means of transport according to the rules of transportation of goods existing this type of transport.
Store in packed form in the covered dry warehouse.
Warranty period of storage of tartaric acid - 1 year from the date of production

Information is up-to-date: 08.10.2020
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