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Litharge lead

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represents red or yellow different shades crystals, badly soluble in water and ethanol. This binary inorganic compound of metal of lead and oxygen.
Thermodynamic it is steady at room and lower temperatures, it is characterized by high anticorrosive properties. It is highly toxic. Diamagniten, possesses semiconductor properties, the type of conductivity depends on structure.
Lead litharge and massikot - lead oxide meets different impurity in the nature in the form of minerals.
Lead oxide (II) forms crystals of two modifications: α-modification - - - - - - - - - - red crystals of a tetragonal singoniya and β-modification - - - - - - - - - - massikot, yellow crystals of a rhombic singoniya.
Density: α-PbO - 9,13 g/cm ³, β-PbO - 9,45 g/cm ³. Melting temperature is 886 °C, boiling temperature is 1535 °C.

Chemical formula: PbO.

Lead litharge is received melting in oxidizing conditions with presence of catalysts of metal lead. In lead litharge of poor quality, metal lead - normal impurity.

Use of litharge lead (technical yellow lead):
In the glass industry - by production of lead crystal, glass, including electrovacuum, electroceramics.
In the radio engineering industry.
At production of electrocoal products and accumulators.
In the industrial rubber industry.
By production of desiccants, lead yellow and lead molibdatnykh cranes, polyvinylchloride stabilizers.
In paint and varnish industry - as an anticorrosive pigment, a component of putties, mixes for sealing.
In chemical synthesis - for receiving lead salts.

Depending on assignment, litharge lead is let out the following brands:
G1 - for lead crystal, lead orange krone, electroceramics and crystal glass.
G2 - for desiccants, lead yellow and lead molibdatnykh cranes, polyvinylchloride stabilizers.
G3 - for electrocoal products and accumulators.
G4 - for rubber.
G6 - for lead crystal, electron-tube and crystal glass.

Physical and chemical indicators of litharge of lead GOST 5539-73.
Name of an indicator Norm for brand
G-1 G-2 G-3 G-4 G-6
The 1st The 2nd
Fraction of toral mass of yellow lead (PbO), %, not less 99,8 98,7 98,5 98,5 96,5 99,8
Fraction of toral mass of metal lead (Pb), %, no more 0,01 0,50 1,00 1,00 1,80 0,01
Fraction of toral mass of lead dioxide (PbO2), %, no more 0,02 0,2 0,3 0,3 - -
Fraction of toral mass of iron (Fe), %, no more 0,001 0,005 0,001 0,005 - 0,001
Fraction of toral mass of substances, not soluble in HNO3+H2O2, %, no more 0,01 0,04 0,01 0,08 0,40 0,01
Fraction of toral mass of water and volatiles, %, no more 0,1 0,3 0,02 0,3 0,3 0,1
The rest, %, no more, on a sieve with a grid:






Bulk density, g/cm ³ 1,7-2,2 - 1,7-2,2 - 2,5-4,0
Adsorption of sulphuric acid, / 100 of litharge - - 4,0-7,0 - -

Safety requirement of litharge lead.
Danger class 1
Key properties and types of danger
Key properties Powder of yellow color of different shades or granule of henna-red color.
Vzryvo-and fire danger
Danger to the person The poisonous product causing sharp and chronic lead poisonings.
Means of individual protection Protective clothes, means of protection of hands and legs, anti-dust ShB-1 respirator "Lobe-200".
Necessary actions in emergencies
General character
At leak, flood and scattering
At the fire
Measures of first aid

Packaging, transportation and storage.
Packaging, marking, transportation and storage of lead litharge - in accordance with GOST 9980.3-86 - 9980.5-86.
Litharge lead is packed into soft specialized containers of one-time use, steel flasks and drums, wooden barrels, plywood drums with inserts from the paper, laminated bag or with a polyethylene bag insert.
At transportation of litharge lead, packed into soft specialized containers, in open trasport facilities containers should be protected from hit of an atmospheric precipitation by tarpaulin or other waterproof materials.
Litharge lead is stored in the closed store rooms. Hit of moisture in a product is not allowed.
Warranty period of storage of a product:
for the G-1, G-2, G-3 and G-4 brands - 6 months;
for the G-6 brand - 12 months from the date of production.

Information is up-to-date: 08.10.2020
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