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Chalk fodder
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Chalk fodder

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Nazvaniyemel KORMOVOYSOSTAV and a form vypuskamet fodder natural ground contains 37% of calcium, 0,18% of phosphorus, 0,5% of potassium, 0,3% of sodium and no more than 5% of silicon and other elements. Represents homogeneous powder of a white, flavourless, it is practically not soluble in water. Package 1 kg in plastic bags. Pharmacological svoystvamet fodder is one of the main sources of calcium. Calcium stimulates function of cardiovascular system, is one of fibrillation factors, provides constancy of osmotic pressure. He participates in carrying out a nervous impulse, in initiation of muscular contraction due to formation of an aktino-miozinovy complex, activates penetration of glucose into cages together with insulin. Calcium creates a bone tissue, supports a muscular tone, prevents premature development of osteoporosis and an osteomalyation, promotes the correct forming of musculoskeletal system that is especially actual for young growth of animals and birds. Calcium is a part of the different fermental systems catalyzing biochemical reactions in an organism, besides it increases nonspecific resistance of an animal. Calcium ions participate in transfer of nervous impulses, in reduction of skeletal and smooth muscles. Intercellular bone substance is rich with calcium salts, together with proteins (mainly collagen — ossein) provides the hardness and elasticity of a bone. Calcium well influences an iron exchange in an organism of animals and birds, removes toxins. When using an additive at productive animals the average daily additional weight of muscle bulk increases, quality and an exit of meat products, a molokootdach improves, at birds the yaytsenoskost, and also safety of eggs and dietary properties of a ready-made product raises. Process of suction and a resorption of calcium in an organism is closely connected with intake of phosphorus and vitamin D, at an optimum ratio of these elements assimilation their maximum. Swept norms of consumption and birds in calcium depending on a physiological condition of an organism, availability of pathological processes, and also age are strictly oriented to requirement of an organism of animals also. At long unbalanced on micro and to macrocells feeding at animals and birds irreversible pathological processes develop, especially they are expressed at a lack of calcium, vitamin D and iron. From the musculoskeletal device — reorganization of a skeleton, demineralization, dystrophy, a softening and deformation of a bone, develops rickets (rachitic beads on edges). Also the muscular tone decreases, at young growth change of teeth is late, gipokhromny anemia, a digestive tract atoniya develops. Deficit of calcium especially affects the general development and growth of young growth of farm animals and birds. At laying hens the yaytsenoskost decreases, the shell of eggs becomes thinner. Dystrophic processes develop also in muscles therefore quality and an exit of meat products sharply fall. At oral application mineral components of an additive are quickly inhausted and removed from an organism mainly with urine. Chalk fodder on extent of impact on an organism of warm-blooded animals belongs to low-dangerous substances and has big therapeutic width. Pokazaniyadlya of enrichment of diets of animals and bird calcium and productivity increases. Doses and way were primeneniyamet by fodder natural ground apply to animals and a bird inside in mix with dry feeds or wet bourgeoises according to the standard daily rates of an expense given in the table:
Chickens, laying hens (on 10 heads)
age (weeks) 1 - 17 17 - 25 25 - 50 50 is more senior
consumption rate, 30 50 80 90 - 100
standard daily rates of an expense on 10 heads,
young growth adults
Quails 25 - 30 (till 6 weeks) 60 - 70
Ducks 30 - 35 (till 6 months) 65 - 75
Geese 30 - 35 (till 6 months) 45 - 50
Turkeys 40 - 45 (till 4 months) 60 - 70
Guinea fowls 25 - 30 (till 4 months) 60 - 70
standard daily rates of an expense on 1 head,
Cows 15 - 50 (till 1 year)
50 - 100 (till 1,5 years)
80 - 250
Horses 10 - 30 (till 2 years) 40 - 75
Sheep, goats 3 - 7 (till 1 year) 10 - 15
Pigs 10 - 40 (till 6 months) 50 - 70
Collateral deystviyapr the correct use by-effects, as a rule, are not observed. Protivopokazaniyapovyshenny individual sensitivity to components of feed additive. Special ukazaniyapr accidental hit on skin or mucous membranes of eyes it is recommended to wash out immediately their large number waters, when swallowing chalk fodder in large numbers inside the animal needs to give several glasses of water. Upon termination of manipulations of a hand it is recommended to wash out carefully water with soap. It is authorized to use products from animals who received chalk without any restrictions.
Information is up-to-date: 08.10.2020
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